Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Check out this fab ebay shop :-)

Gorgeous gorgeous shabby chic items for sale on this ebay shop:


I just love ebay for buying little bits from, same products for sometimes half the price.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sock Monkey!

How Adorable - Sock Monkey

I am in shock.....

Yesterday my son, the fussiest eater on the planet informed me that he now liked "little trees" (little trees being broccolli, I am sure every mother knows this)!! This left me in shock, especially more so tonight when he asked for "little trees" for dinner again!

Whatever next....carrots?

Well done Joseph, Mummy is proud!

Matilda in her usual style wolfed down the broccolli which also left me happy, as it was the first time she has tried it (only 5 months old)! I reckon my little lady is going to be one chubby girl, she does enjoy her food!

Overall, today I am one happy Mummy!

Monday, 25 January 2010

A few of the things i love....

Other than my wonderful family I have a few things in life that I love.....

Jane Packer Bouquets - who could resist this beautiful gift of roses/peonies, beautiful

Cath Kidston Bags - especially polka dot ones :-)

Bombay Duck brollies...aren't they just fabulous!

anyone who knows me knows how much i  love baths...
sign by "An Angel At My Table"

my aim this year is to have the garden turfed and made nice, then I will fill it with lovely planters like this

A pitcher to go on my window ledge, i have wanted one of these for so long, finally found this one that i love!

Anyway they are a few things that I am loving today, my list is bound to grow tomorrow. Oh to be a millionaire.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Shabby Chic store Santa Monica

My Idea!

Okay so I love photography and shabby chic things, especially shops that sell shabby chic things!  I could browse for hours, I just wish i had a bigger house so I could buy more! Not that the hubby would be impressed.  Well my idea whilst I am on maternity leave is to ask the proprietors of said shops if I can photograph them for my blog and write about the items they sell.  So not only fulfilling my love of photography and shabby chic style, but also helping them by advertising them in a blog stylee way! So what do you think? Is this passable? Do you think shops would be happy for me to do this?  Well only one way to find out I suppose and this is to get in contact.  So today I will be investigating and emailing the shops I love that are local, then if that is successful maybe I could spread my wings a little further and travel :-)
Also today I will be going to get my Phoebe-Boo cuddle fix (my best friends baby, only 4 days old, nothing like cuddling a newborn baby).
Happy Wednesday Everyone

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Beautiful Sunday Baby


Yes the day has finally arrived whereby I can announce that my lovely best friend Donna has given birth to a beautiful baby girl called Phoebe, weighing in at a hefty 9lb 1oz.  I cannot wait to go and have cuddles.
Congratulations to Mummy, Daddy and baby. Love you all XXXX